Auger Boring & Hammer Boring

Encountering difficult terrain and demanding site requirements are challenges frequently faced by underground utilities companies. Some look at hard rock or cobble, or exacting site requirements, and say it can’t be done. We say, we’ll figure out how to do it. And we do.

Back in the mid-1980’s Brotherton Pipeline made a conscious decision to tackle the more difficult projects. We put our earth-friendly methods to use plowing and trenching in soft dirt, and using our expertise in directional drilling to navigate cobble. Penetrating hard rock is a specialty we have perfected through years of experience. A rock hammer system was designed and patented by the company, and we make frequent modifications to improve existing equipment.

Auger boring and rock hammer boring are effective in penetrating granite, clay, sand, cobble and just about any other unyielding geological material. We frequently adapt equipment to fit specific needs, and our skilled crews have installed utilities beneath highways and city streets, under creeks, wetlands and canals, beneath railroads and through lava fields. We have used augers and pipe rams-whatever it takes to get the job done.

When preparing to travel for a project, we take what we call our Arsenal, plus a comprehensive collection of tools we call the Kitchen Sink. Whatever the conditions, we can handle it. It isn’t just our tools and technology that give us the edge; it’s our can-do attitude.

Brotherton has the experience and capabilities to complete Auger Bores from 12″ to 96″ in diameter.

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Projects Map

Clackamas, Oregon – NW Natural – HDD – 12″

Patterson, California – PG&E – HDD – 24″

Chandler, Oklahoma – Plains All American – HDD – 24″

Chino, California – SoCal Gas – HDD – 36″

Wasco, California – California High Speed Rail Builders – HDD – 8″

Fremont, California - PG&E - HDD - 36"

Castaic, California – Southgate – 14″ HDD – Plains Pipeline

Redwood City, California - PG&E - HDD - 24"

Lodi, California - PG&E - Auger Bore 24"

Bakersfield, California - PG&E - Auger Bore 34"

Tracy, California - Shell - Auger Bore 36"

Tracy, California - PG&E - Auger Bore 36"

Livermore, California - PG&E - Auger Bore 24"

East Medford, Oregon

Post Falls, Idaho

Santa Clarita, CA

Larkspur, California

Elk Grove, California

Vacaville, California – 42″ HDD

Newberg, Oregon – Newberg Bypass Relocation HDD

Milpitas, California – Dixon Landing HDD

Suisun City, California – Auger Bore

Roseville, California – Guided Auger Bore

Grand Ronde, Oregon – Spirit Mountain HDD

Woodburn, Oregon – Woodburn HDD Project

Avista Utilities – Medford, OR

Fresno, California – Vacuum MicroTunneling Project

Snelson Companies via PG&E – Ceres, California HDD Project

Corvallis, Oregon – Northwest Natural Gas

Santa Rosa, California – PG&E – HDD Project 16″

Fresno, California – PG&E – Auger Bores and HDD Project 24″

City of Albany – 32″ Water Mainline HDD Project

Xcel Energy – Avon, Colorado – 16″ HDD Bore

Xcel Energy – Vale, Colorado

Niels Fugal Company – Salt Lake City, UT

Verizon Wireless – Morgan Hill, CA

Snelson Company – Federal Way, WA

Northwest Natural Gas – Astoria, OR

Avista Utilities – Medford, OR

Northwest Natural Gas – Rickreall, OR